On the commodity exchanges of the United States observed a sharp drop in prices

2021-03-19 12:08:37
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On the commodity exchanges of the United States observed a sharp drop in prices

Yesterday on the stock exchanges in the United States the prices of stocks, commodities and indexes tumbled on the growth of U.S. debt and exit of speculators from the market.


over 7 months, the yield on 10-year bonds has nearly tripled to 1.75% per annum, which, according to experts, testifies to the acceleration of inflation. So as soon as hedge funds have accumulated a record amount of bets on a further increase in commodity markets, began to record profits and the market, the markets for oil and grain spun down.


US stocks after the upgrade on the eve of the historic highs fell to the statistics on the labor market, where an increase in the number of applications for unemployment benefits.


the Dow Jones Index after the record-breaking 33200 p. fell to 32862 p, although the start of the pandemic was 28000 p. this once again confirms the overvaluation of stocks of U.S. companies, especially in the last year. The index of high-tech companies NASDAQ in February reached a record 14000 n, however, two days fell by 3.7% to 13100п. The index of the 500 largest companies in the S&P 500 also in two days, down from the record 3982 p. 3915п, whereas prior to the pandemic, it was up to 3200-3300 p.


due To low demand for crude oil prices WTI yesterday fell by 6.7% to $60/barrel, while Brent crude rose 9%, but later recovered to 63,2 $/barrel, showing the daily decline of 6.8%.


On the stock exchange in Chicago yesterday may ф0Тючерси for soybean oil has fallen by 3.9% to 1174 $/t, soybean meal by 1.2% to 440 $/MT, soy – 1.5% up to 512 $/t


Following the decline in oil prices may contracts for palm oil on the stock exchange in Kuala Lumpur yesterday fell by 3.6% to 3799 ringgit/t or 922 $/t


the May corn futures in Chicago yesterday was down 2% to 215 $/ton, but they were supported by the data on the active procurement of China, which is 3 days acquired nearly 3 million tonnes of U.S. corn.

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