In the wheat markets continues to reduce prices

2019-02-20 12:06:46
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In the wheat markets continues to reduce prices

a Decline in prices, which the exchange started the week in Paris, on Tuesday picked up by American sites. The market did not support even a few tenders.


Agency for food purchases to Ethiopia 31 Jan purchased on the tender of 400 thousand tons of milling wheat, Syria purchased 200 thousand MT of black sea wheat. Egypt will hold a tender that will determine the most competitive wheat market. Russian wheat for the week fell by 5-10 $/MT, but was still at 19 $/t more expensive American grain.


  • Futures for milling wheat on MATIF in Paris fell 1.25 €/t to 194,25 €/t or of 220.54 $/t and renewed 7-month low.


prices in the US fall under the pressure of the political situation and the lack of factors supporting the market.


the week USA have reduced wheat exports by 36.5% to 357,1 million tonnes, which is 15.8% lower than in this period last year.


the March wheat futures fell:

by 5.79 $/t to 169,29 $/t for solid winter HRW wheat in Kansas city

6,43 $/t to 204,11 $/t on a firm spring HRS wheat in Minneapolis.

  • by 5.33 $/t 179,95 to $/ton, SRW soft winter-wheat in Chicago


quotes On crushes an increase in the forecast of wheat production for India to a record 100 million tons, because of the recent rains and downpours in the major States, the manufacturers did not damage the crops. In March starts the new harvest, which may exceed last year's record 99.9 million tons.


In Ukraine continue to decline, the price of wheat. Now traders offer in the port for wheat:

protein 11.5 per cent 214-218 $/t or 6950-7000 UAH/t,

feed - 208-210 $/t or 6750-6850 UAH/t

  • protein 12,5% - 215-220 USD/t or 7100 UAH/t,