In the South of Ukraine started harvesting barley

2018-06-11 12:04:51
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In the South of Ukraine started harvesting barley

As of June 8 in Ukraine almost completed the sowing campaign. Through the late spring significantly reduced the acreage under barley, and because of the uncertainty with exports in the new season under soybean. The crops of buckwheat and sugar beet decreased due to low product prices.


Spring grains and leguminous crops on a specified date planted 7.1 million hectares or 97% of the forecast, in particular:

buckwheat - 97 thousand hectares (65%),

millet – 41 thousand hectares (74%),

corn – 4.6 mln ha (99%).

  • the early grain - 2.3 mln ha (97%), including barley-1.5 mln ha (97%), peas 421 thousand hectares (100%), oats - 191 thsd ha (94%), wheat 171 thousand hectares (98%),


in addition, domestic farmers sowed:

soy 1.7 million ha (90%),

sugar beet 283 thousand hectares (95%).

  • sunflower 5.7 million ha (103% of the planned amount),


the Heat has accelerated the ripening of winter barley, so in the Kherson and Mykolaiv oblasts have already started the harvest, although it usually starts 2 weeks later.