On the interbank market, a balance between supply and demand

2018-02-27 12:07:19
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On the interbank market, a balance between supply and demand

After considerable jumps of the exchange rate in January, in late February, on the interbank market reigned a strange silence. Trading volume remains within the usual 300 million $ fluctuations do not exceed 3-5 cents, and speculators almost undermining the course.


on Monday, the dollar is little changed, although some factors have worked in favor of the hryvnia.


In early trading speculators attempted to swing the course, but they did not succeed. Most currency has gained major players, part of the banks for further sale through exchange offices.


the Bank has not conducted an auction to buy currency, and the need for it was not.


in the Morning, demand exceeded supply, so the speculators along with the sellers attempted to warm up the quotes. However, at 11:00 came on the market the main sellers, which trimmed the balance of supply and demand, then speculators left attempts to undermine the course.


At the end of trading, the dollar rose with the morning 26 and 97/26,99 27,00 UAH/UAH 27,015.


it Was concluded 510 transactions totaling 284,26 million $ the weighted average exchange rate UAH 27,0066/$.