On the interbank market there are speculative attacks on the hryvnia

2017-02-14 12:52:22
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On the interbank market there are speculative attacks on the hryvnia

In Monday trading on the interbank market took place in a very unusual mode. Morning quotes 27,20/27, and 25, the dollar began to fall in price until 27,12/27,16, however, towards noon due to the growth of demand gradually turned up. Already at 12:00 the prices have risen to of 27.15/27,20, and from lunch stuck in the hallway 27,19-27,20/27,25-27,26 UAH. At the end of the session on individual transactions, the course warmed up to 27.30/27,36 UAH.


the national Bank on the market did not go. According to the system of Valkla most of the transactions concluded within 27,1336-27,1651 and weighted average rate made up 27,1651 UAH/$.


this behavior of the market suggests that the interbank market is going "rocking" of the course and there is a psychological pressure with the purpose of increase of currency quotations. Balances on correspondent accounts with banks rose on Monday to more than 10 billion to 47.1 billion UAH, have set the stage for speculative attacks on the hryvnia, beginning Tuesday.


the Passivity of the national Bank against normal weighted average of the dollar system Valkla confirms attempts to heat up the market. Realizing this, the regulator is not interfering in the situation, since in real quotes for completed operations does not see any threats. The rise of the quotes at the end of the session, the national Bank considers as speculative attack, however, is not inclined to dramatize the situation.


the Course of trading on Tuesday will show the real state of Affairs. If excess liquidity will begin to put pressure on the hryvnia and the dollar will rise to 27.30, the NBU will enter the market with the auction currency. Market participants do not lend themselves to panic and offered to wait further developments.



the Major events on the interbank market on 13 February:

  • the Decline of the dollar with 27,20/27, and 25 UAH 27,12/27,16 UAH for the first hour of trading and formal growth of quotations to the level of 27.30/27,36 the end of the session
  • , the national Bank oversees the course of trading and not market
  • Was 462 transactions in the amount of 227,54 million dollars at the weighted average exchange rate 27,1651 UAH/$.