In the Egyptian tender once again defeated the Russian wheat

2017-10-20 12:23:46
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In the Egyptian tender once again defeated the Russian wheat

At yesterday's Egyptian tender operator GASC bought 230 thousand tons of Russian wheat for delivery Dec 1-10 this year.


the Total amount purchased by Egyptian wheat in the current season amounted to 3.67 million tons, of which the share of Russian grain is of 2.72 million tonnes and Romania increased sales of wheat to Egypt from 128 thousand MT last year to 552 thousand tons in the current.


participation in the auction took the next batch of wheat with a volume of 60 thousand tons each:

Romanian - from Cargill at a price 205,55 $/t, ADM – 206,5 $/t, Cofco – 208,99 $/t;

French - Casillo at a price 205,23 $/t

  • Russian – from operators on Olam price 198,35 $/t, Union – 198,98 $/t, GTCS – three parties at a price of 199 $/t 200 $/t and 201 $/t, Aston – 200,45 $/t, Daewoo – 200,7 $/t, ADM – the two parties for the price of 201,55 $/t and 199,55 $/ton, Garant Logistics – 202,9 $/t, Cofco – 204,99 $/t, Solaris – 209 $/t;


Won the tender of the party of Russian wheat at a price of 199 $/t (excluding freight costs), which was 1 $/t more than wheat, which was purchased at auction on October 10.


This tender showed that the current level of prices is optimal for the buyers and competition between sellers continues to grow.

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