In the Egyptian tender was won by Russian wheat

2017-10-04 12:06:32
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In the Egyptian tender was won by Russian wheat

At yesterday's Egyptian tender operator GASC bought 180 TMT of Russian wheat for delivery in November. Total procurement of grain in the season 2017/18 grew to 3.27 million tons.


the Price of wheat with delivery made 213-214 $/t, which is just 2.2 $/t higher than the price the purchasing party of the Russian wheat, 175 thousand tons, which was purchased at the tender two weeks ago.


sales Prices of grain on FOB basis increased, but the cost of freight from the Russian ports in Egypt decreased to 13 $/t, which is the lowest indicator for last three months.


If the previous tender of GASC paid for Russian wheat with no content of poppy seeds is an additional premium of $10/ton, yesterday the purchase price was 199-200 $/MT on FOB Russian ports, which is 5-6 $/t exceeds the market price level last week.


the Number of participants increased to 12, the participation in the auction was attended even one party is French and the three batch of Romanian wheat. The party of Romanian wheat, which was discovered poppy seeds, unloaded at the port with further purification, and the situation with French wheat is still uncertain.