On November 1, Ukraine harvested nearly 55 million tons of grain

2016-11-02 12:24:27
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On November 1, Ukraine harvested nearly 55 million tons of grain

According to the Ministry of agrarian policy, as of 01.11.16 Ukrainian farmers have harvested 54,863 million tons of grain from an area of 12,685 million hectares, which is 89% of the forecast. The average yield of 43.3 kg/ha. a yield of 78 thousand tons less than were collected on the same date last year.


  • Corn collected 15,836 million tons 2,668 million hectares, representing 63% of the plan, with a yield of 5.94 t/ha.
  • Buckwheat with a yield of 1.27 t/ha harvested 188 thousand tons with more than 147 thousand hectares (99% of plan).
  • Millet yield of 1.83 t/ha collected 187 thousand tons 102 thousand hectares (98% of plan).
  • Sunflower harvested 12,243 million square 5,547 million hectares (94%) yield of 2.21 t/ha.
  • Soy produced 3,524 million tons from the area of 1,606 million hectares (87% of plan) with a yield of 2.19 t/ha.
  • Sugar beets dug 10,046 million tons from the area of 213 hectares (73% of plan) with a yield of 47.2 t/ha.


Farmers still carry out planting. On a specified date winter grain crops are planted on the 6,682 million hectares or 89% of the planned areas, which exceeds the results of the same period last year to 316 thousand ha.


in Particular, it is now planted:

  • wheat and triticale more than 5,656 million ha or 91% of the plan
  • winter rape 798 thousand hectares or 110% of the plan,
  • barley 772 thousand hectares or 75% of the plan,
  • rye 154 thousand hectares or 104% of the plan.


the Soil for sowing of winter crops produced on the 7,997 million hectares or 98% of the acreage.


the Biggest competition of our farmers – Russia on November 1, collected from 44.9 million hectares 120.0 million tons of grain with a yield of 2.67 t/ha. last year of 43.7 million ha were harvested amounted to 106.4 million tons from an average yield of 2.44 t/ha.