On April 1 in Ukraine remained less than 13 million tons of grain

2016-05-06 14:30:05
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On April 1 in Ukraine remained less than 13 million tons of grain

At the beginning of the second quarter of 2016 in the agricultural enterprises (except small) and those where the storage and processing of grain remained available 12,952 million tons of grain, which is 20% less than it was at the same date last year.


Such a reduction of inventory compared to last year due to lower corn crop and increased the rate of export of grain crops in the current marketing season.


On a specified date on the listed companies was stored:

  • wheat – 6,284 million or 48.6% of the total quantity of grain, which is 18.8 % more than it was a year ago,
  • corn – 4,928 million, or 38.1 % of the total grain, which is 44.4% less than last year,
  • barley – 1,112 million tons or 8.6 % of the total grain, which is 8% less than last year,
  • rye – 70,9 thousand tons or 0.5 % of the total grain, which is 52.8% less than last year.


Directly in the agricultural enterprises kept 6,806 million tons of grain, namely:

  • wheat – 3,205 million tons,
  • corn – 2,364 million tons,
  • barley – 0,789 million tons,
  • rye – 27,2 thousand tons.


enterprises that are engaged in the processing and storage of grain in stock was 6,119 million tons, namely:

  • wheat – 3,079 million tons,
  • corn – 2,565 tons,
  • barley – 0,323 million tons,
  • rye – 43,7 thousand tons.


the Largest stocks of grain on a specified date recorded in the Poltava region – 1,521 million tons, due to the large amounts of corn, which was kept in the region – 991,8 thousand tons and a significant crop, which was the best in the country. Smallest remnants of grain has, Transcarpathian oblast, there remained only 3.4 thousand tons. Followed by Lviv (81.1 thousand tons), Chernivtsi (48.5 thousand tons) and Ivano-Frankivsk (136,4 thousand tonnes) region.