USDA: this season world wheat production in dosane 743,4 million tons

2016-08-15 14:32:49
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USDA: this season world wheat production in dosane 743,4 million tons

World production of wheat this season, will reach $ 743, 4 million tons, according to an updated forecast of the Ministry of agriculture of the United States. And last season the figure was 8.6 million tons less.


last month, experts predicted that the global wheat harvest will be in the range 738,5 million tons, but the country's manufacturers have made adjustments:

  • Russia ― 7.0 million t;
  • Ukraine ― 2,0 million t;
  • Kazakhstan ― 2.0 million t;
  • USA ― 1.6 million t;
  • Canada ― 1.0 million t;
  • Australia 1.0 million tons.


along with this, the forecast harvest in the EU countries fell by 9.0 million tons, compared with July. The main reason for this decline is excessively wet climate in the main producing countries. The average harvest in the EU this year will be the lowest since the autumn of 2012.


with regard to wheat exports, according to forecasts it will reach 170,7 million tons. Over the last month the growth amounted to 2.3 million tons., to:

  • Russia ― 4.5 million t;
  • Ukraine ― 2,0 million t;
  • Australia ― 1.0 MT;
  • Canada ― 1.0 million t;
  • Kazakhstan ― 1.0 MT;
  • United States of 0.7 million tons.


the Exports of the European Union and Argentina will fall by 7.0 and 1.0 MT, respectively. And the total world supply of wheat will be 252,8 million tons. Despite the fact that this figure had fallen to 0.9 million, he remains the highest in the last few years.