The cold in Canada will lead to crop losses

2019-10-25 12:21:24
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The cold in Canada will lead to crop losses

In Canada, heavy rainfall in the spring delayed sowing, and in autumn – hinder the harvest of spring wheat, canola and other crops and reduce grain quality, but starting in the weekend in Canada, frosts of 5-10 degrees and significant snowfall are forecast.


the Largest in the last 40 years harvesting has been observed in Saskatchewan. There, as at 21 Oct threshed 83% of the area compared to 93% in 2018 and 94% on average for 5 years. Canola collected by 79% of the area, and spring wheat – 84%, but the grain had sprouted and can only be used as fodder.


In Manitoba as of 22 Oct canola collected on 82% of the area, and spring wheat is 95% compared to 87% and 98% respectively on average over 3 years. In Alberta as of 15 October, it was threshed to 58.8% of the area compared to 75,8% in average for 5 years, and today will be data on October 22. The Province produces half of Canada's wheat in Alberta – a third in Manitoba is approximately 16%.


Thanks to the favorable weather over the last two weeks, canadian farmers have accelerated harvesting of spring wheat and canola, so the loss neopolitana crops would be negligible. The main issue of the season will be low quality grain. Manitoba grows the best quality wheat in the country, but the share of feed grain will increase significantly over the sprouted grains and fungal infections.


According to the forecast StatCan, Canada will increase wheat production with 32.2 million tonnes in 2018 to 32.5 million tons in the current season. Although the experts USDA in the October report reduced the estimate of yield from 33.3 to 33 million tons.


the canola crop experts USDA estimated at 19.5 million tons, compared to 20,34 million tons last season, although November weather can reduce due to the loss of part of the harvest.

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