International grain prices

2015-02-20 17:56:01
International grain prices

EUR / UAH: 30.07
Euro / dollar: 1.1405
CRB Index: 228.8 points
Oil: 53.18 $ / barrel
The Paris market before opening

The price of milling wheat: + 1 € / t
The price of corn: + 1 € / t
The price of rapeseed: + 1 € / t

The Chicago market before the opening

The price of wheat: + 7 cents
The price of corn: + 1 cent
The price of soybeans: + 4 cents

The situation on the European market

Activity in international markets declined slightly in the carnival of Latin America and the celebration of the lunar New year in Asian countries. Despite this, European prices supported the American market, resuming work after the long weekends and holidays.

Adverse weather conditions, low temperatures and the impact of the drought on the Great Plains in the United States lead to concerns about the storage conditions of wheat. Meanwhile, the price level of legumes, in particular soybeans are supported by increased export demand and interest of the processing companies.

The situation in the black sea region remains the focus of attention of both geopolitical and economic reasons. In addition, crops were in worse conditions than last year for the same period in terms of Ukrainian rapeseed.

To summarize, which will be known after "Agricultural Outlook Forum," USDA next Friday, the attention of operators will be focused on the FranceAgriMer report that comes out today. In fact, inventory levels in France is one of the factors that hinders the growth.

So, according to FranceAgriMer, the area under new crops of canola can be reduced to 2.06% from last year to 1.393 million Hectares.

Estimation of area under wheat flour were increased by 2.72% to 5.142 million Hectares. The area under crops of barley are estimated at 1.267 million Hectares, and is + 3.11%. Finally, the area under durum wheat can be 324 thousand hectares, + 12.55%.

Today the market of milling wheat will be attentive to the results of tenders from Algeria and Egypt.
The course of wheat from the 2014 crop was 180 € / t July base, as 76/220/11, the direction of the supply - Rouen.

Wheat prices on the Chicago exchange reached the level of 172.13 € / t for March 2015.

Prices for hard wheat are 365 € / t delivery port La Nouvelle.

Price quotations for rape amounted to 360 € / t FOB Moselle harvest 2014 delivery Jan 2015.

Price quotations for feed barley reached the level of 174 € / t, the harvest of 2014, with delivery in July 2015.

The market of malting barley varieties Sebastian shows 186 € / t on last year's harvest FOB Creil.

Sunflower prices last year's harvest stood at 360 € / t, subject to supply San Nazaire.

Corn harvest 2014 has reached a price 152 € / t July base, FOB supplies of Bordeaux.

Quotes on fodder varieties of peas was 235 € / t, the harvest of August 2014, with delivery FOB Creil.


The trend of the American market

soy prices rose sharply yesterday unexpectedly for the market. A delay in harvesting soya in Brazil and the content of grain by farmers was the support elements. For U.S. soybeans hit record demand and export processors. The latest NOPA report showed the pace of processing at the level of 162.675 million bushels for the month, and this figure was a record for January.

The wheat market balances between the onset of cold weather, which can affect from 10 to 15% wheat SRW and, on the other hand, the low competitiveness due to the strengthening of the dollar, which is reflected in the market.

Corn prices CBOT suffer from large global supplies, despite expectations of a reduction of the area under this grain crop in Ukraine in 2015.
Corn delivery March 2015 closed at $ 3.8950 a bushel, + 2.25 cents from previous trading day.

Wheat with delivery in March 2015 for $ 5.3475 per bushel, + 1.75 from the previous trading day.

Grain trading soybean with delivery in March 2015 and ended at 10.0775 $ / Bush., + 1.725 from the previous trading day.

Soy fraction , considering the price for delivery in March 2015 finished trading at the level of 342.30 $ / t, + 10.00 USD from previous trading day.

Price quotes for soybean oil, shipping March 2015, ended at 32.32 cents a pound, - 0.08 from the previous trading day.


The black sea basin

Considering the period from February 1, when the government imposed the export duty in 15% + 7 Euro, Russian exports significantly differed depending on the source of information. On the one hand, we are talking about the volume of 100 000 t for the period 1 to 11 February. This figure is based on the official data of the customs. The second source informs about 700 000 t to 15 February, referring to the counting of certificates for export. Apparently, real exports to Russia more close to the bottom range.