The Ministry of infrastructure promises stable railway tariffs for 2017

2016-10-17 12:11:47
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The Ministry of infrastructure promises stable railway tariffs for 2017

Minister of the Ministry of infrastructure considers that the reasons for the increase in railway tariffs in the next year there. The Department see no need for revision in 2017, the size of tariffs for rail transportation of cargo. On it in interview UNIAN said the head of the Ministry. Emelyan.


"I do not see sufficient grounds to increase in the next year existing railway tariffs. We agreed that the rising cost of rail freight in the current year was the last and it helped to accumulate additional resources for the company. The next increase will be possible only after the company will get rid of corruption, and the mechanism of its functioning will be 100% transparent and effective. Only under such conditions can prove to the market that tariffs are quite low and require revision. While this is not" - said Vladimir Omelian.


with 30.04.16 Ukrzaliznytsia has increased the cost of rail freight by 15%. The company was planning for 2016 twice to raise tariffs: the first step is to 01.01.16 15% and in the second stage with 01.07.16 another 15%. However, in response to such a proposal large enterprises agricultural, metallurgical, cement and chemical industries appealed to the authorities with a letter prohibiting the lifting of tariffs on rail freight, and joined the initiative on a moratorium on increase of tariffs for 2016.


Recall that the "Ukrzaliznytsia" has repeatedly raised the cost of freight transportation. So, 01.02.15 tariffs for rail transportation of goods was increased by 30%, and at the end of July 2014, Ukrzaliznytsia increased transportation costs by 12.5%.