The agriculture Ministry estimates the grain harvest in 2017/18 MG 62 million tons

2017-10-30 12:32:30
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The agriculture Ministry estimates the grain harvest in 2017/18 MG 62 million tons

At the meeting on the progress of the harvesting campaign, Deputy Minister agroprodmach M. Martynyuk announced that the Ministry estimates the harvest of grain and leguminous crops in the 2017/18 season at 62 million tons. Clarification of the forecast after data harvesting corn.


As of 25.10.2017 with 2.5 million ha (accounting for 55% of planted corn acreage) produced 11.7 million tons of grain with a yield of 47.4 t/ha, whereas last year it was 58.3 kg/ha Decrease in yield occurred because of the significant lack of rain during the growing season, especially in Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolayiv, Kirovohrad and Odessa regions.


In General, the grain yield proportion of wheat and corn is 80%, so the data on corn were decisive in the refinement of the forecast. Despite the fact that the gross harvest is inferior to last year's it will be better than the previous forecasts, and will be the second largest in the history of independent Ukraine.


in General, from 12.5 million hectares (85% of the planned cleaning of 14.6 million hectares) harvested 49.8 million tonnes of grain with a yield of 39.9 q/ha against 42,6 t/ha in 2016.



With an area of 1.6 million hectares (81% of the forecast), collected 3 million tons of soybeans with a yield of 18.7 t/ha as compared to 21.7 t/ha in 2016.

Sugar beet collected from 213 thousand ha or 67% of the planned 318 thousand hectares. Only harvested 9.3 million tonnes with an average yield of 435 kg/ha vs. 468 kg/ha in 2016, of which exported 7.6 million tons.

  • in addition, from 5.5 million hectares (93% from the forecast) collected 10.8 million tons of sunflower seeds with a yield of 19.6 t/ha, against 21.9 kg/ha in 2016.


earlier, the agriculture Ministry predicted that in 2017, the grain harvest will fall to 61-63 million tonnes against a record 66 million of the 2016/17 season.