The dollar on the interbank market stabilized

2018-03-21 12:12:39
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The dollar on the interbank market stabilized

on Tuesday, the hryvnia on the interbank market had a chance to be strengthened thanks to the significant inflow of currency due to the Ministry of Finance next auction on placement of t-bills. However, the strengthening demand from importers and significant balances on correspondent accounts with banks in the amount of 56.1 billion UAH limited the strengthening of the hryvnia even without the intervention of the national Bank in the course of trading.


during the session with relatively low volume of trading in 362,88 million $, the dollar fell to 26,32/of 26.36 UAH/$.


In its quarterly macroeconomic report, the experts of the company ICU has predicted a hryvnia exchange rate on the 2018 to 2020. It is noted that domestic consumption will remain the main growth driver of the domestic economy, and GDP in 2018 will increase by 3%, but in 2019 will slow to 1.9%, then in 2020 will grow to 2%. The inflation rate in 2018 will be 12-14% and the negative foreign trade balance will grow to $ 7 billion compared to 6.8 billion $ last year.


the Hryvnia will continue to strengthen over the next 3 months, however, until the end of 2018 due to the increasing inflation and the trade deficit will fall to level 28,5 UAH/$. At the end of 2019, the exchange rate of the hryvnia will make 32,5 UAH/$, and by the end of 2020 it will fall to 33 UAH/$.