Corn in the US is expensive

2017-03-20 12:05:21
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Corn in the US is expensive

On the Chicago stock exchange at the end of the week the price of corn rose 3 $/t to 145,66 $/ton.


the Main growth factor was the increase in weekly corn exports to 1.25 million tons. This contributed to a slight increase in the price of ethanol after the suspension of the fall, which happened in the past month amid falling oil prices.


while Traders that do not take into account obtained after threshing 10% of the area is the high productivity of corn in Argentina, as experts of the stock exchange in Buenos Aires to evaluate the corn crop in the country unchanged at 37 million.


Yet unknown consequences of the introduction of Turkey's customs duties on Russian grain and meal. During the year, Turkey imports approximately 1.5 million tonnes of maize, of which nearly 1 million is Russian grain. Now Russia has put about 400 thousand tons of corn. After the introduction of fees may increase the demand for Ukrainian grain.


Now in Ukraine, the port offers for corn 155-156 $/ton or 3840-3950 UAH/ton.