The IGC reduced the forecast of world trade in flour

2018-11-30 12:27:48
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The IGC reduced the forecast of world trade in flour

Experts CIG reduced compared to the August report, the forecast of world trade in flour in 2018/19 MG per 100 thousand tonnes to 17.1 million tonnes.


In the period June-September the volume of main exporters of flour was lower than last season, especially in Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. The volume that buys middle East, rose slightly compared with last year, because of its own wheat production and processing suffer from military conflicts.


So Iraq is planning to increase the import of flour by 150 thousand tons to a record 2.85 million tons, Yemen – 130 kt, Afghanistan with 100 thousand tons to 3.1 million tons to 3 million tons last year.


While Brazil will reduce imports of flour to 600 thousand tons, Canada – from 150 to 100 thousand tons.


the Major world importers of flour in 2018/19 Mr will be:


Iraq – 2.85 million tons,

Uzbekistan – 875 thousand tons,

Angola – 830 thousand tons,

Sudan – 620 thousand tons.

  • Afghanistan – 3.1 million tons,


the Volume of world trade is projected at 17.1 million tonnes, which would correspond to a figure 2017/18 MG and will become the second record after record exports 2016/17 MG at the level of 17.7 million tons.


the Currency crisis in Turkey, which is a leader in flour export, will allow to increase exports from 4.9 million tonnes to 5 million tonnes, boosted by high demand from neighbouring middle Eastern countries. The second largest world exporter of flour – Kazakhstan will increase exports by 100 thousand tons to 3.4 million tons and Argentina – 100 thousand tonnes to 1 million tonnes.


For Iran, the assessment of exports decreased from 950 to 750 thousand tons, while in the August report, the IGC raised from 350 to 950 thousand tons.


For the EU export forecast reduced compared to the August report by 50 thousand tons to 750 thousand tons, the USA – 50 thousand tons to 350 thousand tons, Russia – 25 thousand tons to 325 tons


Ukraine reduces the rate of flour export and as of 21 November in the 2018/19 season has already exported to 82.5 thousand tons of flour, which is 80.7 thousand tons less than in the same period of the previous my.

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