IGC increased the forecast of world trade in wheat flour in the current season

2016-12-06 12:37:38
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IGC increased the forecast of world trade in wheat flour in the current season

According to some estimates, the volume of world trade in flour of soft wheat this season will total 15.5 million tons in grain equivalent, which is 100 tonnes more than the previous forecast and will be 200 thousand tons more than the record numbers of last season.


the Growth of trade in flour was observed for the fourth consecutive year. From the season 2000/01 MG trade grew by 76% in 2012/13 – 23%.


Global exports of flour from durum wheat in the current season will amount to 420 thousand tons, 20 thousand tons exceeds the end of the season 2015/16 MG and 30 thousand tons - indicators of the season 2014/15.


a reassessment of the forecast was influenced by the improved prospects of the Turkish exports of flour, especially in Syria and Iraq. This season, Turkey will be able to export the largest amount of flour ever implemented one country. This will allow the country to reach 32.5 per cent of the world market of flour.


the Amount of flour that will be exported to other country, will be compared to last season almost unchanged. EU sell 1 million tonnes of flour versus 965 thousand tons in the previous season, Argentina – 760 thousand tons against 717 thousand tons, Ukraine and Pakistan, 500 thousand tons, USA – 435 thousand tons, 5 thousand tons less than in the season 2015/16.


the world's Largest importers of flour will be:

  • Afghanistan 2.3 million tons (in 2015/16 – 2,231 million tons),
  • Uzbekistan, 1.25 million tons (1.2 million tons)
  • Far East of 4.34 (4,21) MMT
  • Middle East countries of 3.49 (3,17) mln t, including Iraq 2,2 (2,0) MMT, Syria 600 (110) kt,
  • Africa of 2.61 (2,69) mln t, including those located South of the Sahara 2,49 (2,57) MMT
  • countries in North and Central America 910 (960) thousand tons,
  • South America 780 thousand tons, the same as last season.