The hryvnia continues to strengthen

2017-05-11 12:13:56
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The hryvnia continues to strengthen

on Thursday on the interbank market impact of mandatory sale of foreign exchange earnings for may 8-10, which will significantly increase the volume of proposals and may derail the dollar quotes. Remove the excess pressure can controller, adding its own gold reserves.


Given the actual three-day volume of proposals, the Bank will probably hold an auction to repurchase $ 100 million. However, importers will also be trying to buy currency cheaper, so the national Bank can buy about 70-80 million dollars.


alternatively, the NBU can "invite the best course" in selected two dozen banks, but strategically and psychologically more correct will be the announcement of the auction. This will expand the circle of participants rgcc and show positive trends.


overall, the situation contributes to the strengthening of the hryvnia. The redemption national Bank of the excess currency will keep the dollar from collapse by 20-30 cents, but the quotes will still be reduced to 26,32-26,40 UAH/$.


Experts are predicting for today the volume of trading in the range of not less than 250-300 million $ in the number of transactions to 600. Buyers and speculators will try to lower the dollar, the more that today the circumstances are in their favor.



spot currency market

the Rate of cash dollar in banks and exchange offices for several days in a row ceased to decline.


As of 10:00 banks took currency at 26,00-26,25 and sold at 26,35-26,55 UAH/$. Exchange paragraphs of the financial institution bought the dollar at $ 26,10-26,20 and sold at the 26,27-of 26.30 UAH/$.