The hryvnia on the interbank market rose from 20 cents

2018-01-29 12:05:58
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The hryvnia on the interbank market rose from 20 cents

on Friday the dollar during the session decreased from morning quotes 28,67/28,70 UAH to 28,475/25,50 UAH, and the Euro fell from 35,7629/35,7975 UAH to 35,3915/35,4198 UAH, and in the world markets growth rate has slowed considerably.


the trend towards the strengthening of the hryvnia, which began on Thursday, continued on Friday and secured a downward trend in the dollar. Exporters were hoping for a further rate rise, have begun to actively sell the currency. However, buyers are not too hurry to buy, and chose the lowest quote. The dominance of offers over demand forced sellers to accept the proposed conditions. Even a substantial increase in liquidity in the banking system (on correspondent accounts in the morning, was $ 71.4 billion UAH) have not helped to support the currency.


Probably the majority of buyers will come out on the market on Monday that will create next week the pent-up demand for the currency. This could change the current trend, but while the hryvnia strengthened against the background of the advantages of the proposals of foreign currency on demand.


the trading Volumes are now so large for the short Friday session. It was 682 agreement on total the amount 416,88 mln $ ( responsible 208,44 $ million "live" money).


Strengthening the cash rate to 28.3-28, 4 UAH/$ additionally, to support the hryvnia on the interbank market.