The European Agency's lower forecasts of grain production in the EU

2018-09-14 12:02:31
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The European Agency's lower forecasts of grain production in the EU

Data September report USDA in which, contrary to expectations, traders ' forecasts of production and export of grain from the EU were reduced considerably at odds with European agencies.


In a new report, Strategie Grains forecast of corn production in the EU in 2018/19 MG reduced compared to the previous estimate of 5% to 61.3 to 58.4 million tonnes (which will yield 59.3 million т2017/18 MG), while the experts USDA increased the forecast of production from 59.8 to 60.8 million tons.


the Reduction in forecast corn production due to reduced grain yields in Germany, France, Poland and other European countries due to the strong summer drought. The yield of maize in Bulgaria, Romania and Italy expected to be high.


the Forecast of wheat production in the EU in 2018/19 MG in comparison with the previous report, decreased by 0.9 million tonnes to 126,8 million tonnes, which is 11% lower than the 2017/18 season, because the European wheat yields will be the lowest in the last 11 years. Experts USDA in the new report left unchanged the forecast production of wheat at 137.5 million tons and exports within 23 million tons.


Assessment of wheat export from the EU experts Strategie Grains reduced from 19.8 to 18.8 million tonnes, down from 20.5 million tons the previous MG.


the Forecast of barley production in EU countries in 2018/19 Mr decreased from 57.1 to 56.6 million tonnes versus the 58.4 million tons in the season 2017/18.