The EU downgraded its forecast for corn imports to a record 15.3 million tonnes

2017-07-31 13:09:54
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The EU downgraded its forecast for corn imports to a record 15.3 million tonnes

Experts of the European Commission lowered its forecast of corn production in season 2017/18 with of 62.1 million tons to 58.4 million tonnes, which will be the worst figure of the grain harvest, starting with the 2012/13 season. Reason for the decline in harvest was the drought in Spain, Italy and other EU countries.

To cover the deficit of maize, the EU will have to increase corn imports to a record 15.3 million tons, while in June, experts predicted import at the level of 12.3 million tonnes. This will not only exceed imports the 2016/17 season at 12.9 million tons, but also surpass the record import of the 2007/08 season at 15.1 million tons.


  • Forecast of wheat production in the EU was reduced by 300 thousand tons to 138.6 million tonnes, which will still exceed the crop of last season in 134 million tons.
  • Forecast of barley production increased by 500 thousand tons to 57.5 million tons.
  • Forecast rapeseed production is reduced from 21.7 million tonnes to 21.6 million tonnes.


a Large number of corn and rapeseed, EU imports from Ukraine, so the capacity of production in Ukraine can partially compensate for the decline in production in Europe. Precipitation is taking place across the territory of Ukraine, will contribute to the development of the maize crop, although the forecast hot weather for the next 5-8 days causes concern for further development of the plants.


In Ukraine, dry weather promotes rapid harvest of grain. So, as of 28.07.17 collected 70% of the harvest, including wheat harvested was 17.0 MMT from 4.4 million hectares (70% of the 6.4 million hectares) with an average yield of 38.3 t/ha, which confirms the forecast of production 25-25. 5 million tonnes.
Good weather conditions in the growing area of rapeseed will allow to receive more than 2 million tonnes of rapeseed in the forecast 1.8 million tons Now produced 1.7 million tons of rape (83% of 785 thousand ha) with a yield of 26.5 t / ha