The EU increased the import quotas on Ukrainian grain

2017-01-19 12:12:20
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The EU increased the import quotas on Ukrainian grain

Eurocosmetic for corn within tariff agreements has increased the maximum quotas for imports of Ukrainian grain in the EU in 2017. Quota for supplies of wheat increased from 950 thousand tons in 2016, up to 960 thousand tons in 2017 To import barley and maize quotas had been increased to 270 thousand tons 450 thousand tons, respectively, against last year's 250 thousand tons and 400 thousand tons.


As of today, Ukraine exported to the EU 570,296 thousand tons of wheat and chose to 59.4 per cent of the relevant quota. Barley delivered 2.2% of the quota or 6 thousand tons, maize – 100% of the quota, which corresponds to 450 thousand tons.


For comparison, the quota for imports into the EU in 2017 of US wheat is 572 thousand tons, Canada – 38,853 thousand tons, other countries (except Ukraine) – 594,597 thousand tons. Barley from third countries into the EU are allowed to import 307,105 thousand tons and maize – 138,994 thousand tons.