The EU has increased export quotas for Ukrainian farmers

2016-10-03 12:01:18
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The EU has increased export quotas for Ukrainian farmers

the European Commission has approved an additional quota for export of certain products of Ukrainian agricultural producers, totaling $200 million.


Thanks to this solution, domestic producers of agricultural products will receive additional quotas on the supply:

  • corn  650 thousand tons or 110 million $,
  • barley  350 thousand tons or 55 million $,
  •  wheat 100 thousand tons, or 16.5 million $,
  • cereals and processed grains 7.8 thousand tons or 3.1 million $,
  • and also oats, honey, tomatoes and grape juice.

However, the quotas for chicken and Turkey meat, Apple juice by the European Commission were not approved.


the Share of EU in total foreign trade turnover of the domestic agricultural industry is at 33,9%.


"the Positive dynamics of increase in the share of EU in total sales of agricultural products is a natural result of the consistent work of our producers and the government. The approved increase was not taken into account all the expectations of the Ministry and farmers, but it allows us today to further increase the volume of trade within the quota with the EU nearly $ 200 million", - said the Minister of agrarian policy of T. the Corner.