The EU will increase production of wheat and barley in 2017

2017-03-17 12:14:01
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The EU will increase production of wheat and barley in 2017

In its March forecast, the Agency Strategie Grains has raised its estimate of production of soft wheat and barley the EU in 2017, however, lowered the estimate of corn production.


currently, in the EU countries are favorable for the development of winter crops and weather conditions. The soil moisture deficit, which was felt even in the fall, precipitation is compensated, held in late February and early March.


According to experts Strategie Grains, in 2017 the EU will gather 143,9 million tons of soft wheat, which is 100 thousand tons exceeds the February forecast and 6% yield in 2016. Estimation of gross yield of barley also increased by 100 thousand tons to 61.4 million tons, which is 2% higher than the harvest of 2016.


compared To the previous balance forecast corn production was reduced by 900 thousand tonnes to 60.5 million tonnes, which almost corresponds to last year's 59.7 million tone. A significant decline in production associated with a possible reduction of acreage under maize in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, and Bulgaria in favor of other crops.