Exports of domestic agricultural products amounted to 13 billion dollars

2017-11-01 12:12:21
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Exports of domestic agricultural products amounted to 13 billion dollars

during the nine months 2017 the export of products from the agricultural sector compared to the same period last year increased by 24.3% to 13.07 billion $, accounting for 41.7% of total exports.


the agriculture Ministry told that during the specified period, the geography of the main consumers of domestic agricultural products remained unchanged. Most of the agricultural products acquired Asia – 5,525 billion $. In second place are the countries of the EU – 4,177 $ billion, the third – Africa – 1.997 billion dollars.


the Largest share in the structure of export of agricultural products is:

corn – 18%,

wheat and a mixture of rye with wheat and 14.45%,

soybeans – 4,84%,

barley and canola – on 4,6%.

  • sunflower oil with 24.8%,


Deputy Minister of agrarian policy on European integration V. Trofimova noted the significant increase in exports of individual items relative to the previous year. Thus, the sale of beans, fresh and chilled vegetables increased by 20.9 million $, butter and other milk fat – 64.2 $ million, frozen beef – 34.1 million $. Almost 8.4 times to 6.4 million $ increased exports of apricots, peaches, plums and cherries.


the import of agricultural products during a specified period relative to the previous year increased by 6.7%, or 201 million dollars and amounted to 3,202 billion dollars.


the Largest share in its structure is:

tobacco products – 9,1%,

cores and nuts peel – 9%,

oil – 5,2%,

cocoa products and chocolate – 4,8%,

tea, coffee, spices and 4.2%,

cereals and 4.1%.

  • fish and seafood – 9,4%,


According to the Federal customs service of Russia, exports of agricultural products and foodstuffs in 2016 made up of 17.07 billion $, import – 25,03 billion $. Minister of agriculture E. Tkachev predicts the export of Russian agricultural products in 2017 at the level of $20 billion.