Experts have significantly reduced the forecast of the corn harvest in Ukraine

2017-10-23 12:14:23
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Experts have significantly reduced the forecast of the corn harvest in Ukraine

taking into account unfavourable for harvest in Ukraine, weather conditions, the experts of the Economic discussion club has reduced the forecast of grain production in the season 2017/18 to 60.8 mln t. the most reduced rating of the corn crop – from 26.8 in the previous month, to 23.5 million tons wheat crop is estimated at 26.3 million tonnes, barley – 8.5 mln tonnes, rye – 0.5 million tons.


Balance domestic demand for grain is left unchanged at 21.7 million tonnes, of which 5.7 million tons of grain will be used with food purpose, and almost 11 million tonnes of feed.


due to decrease in yield reduced the estimate of potential exports from 44.7 to 41.7 million tonnes Expected in the current my Ukraine will export:

wheat – 17.6 million tons,

barley – 5.2 million tons.

  • corn - 18.5 million tons,


subject to the above projections bridging the final balances in the 2017/18 season will amount to 5.5 million tons or 25% of the average annual domestic consumption, which will fully ensure food security of the country.


According to GMR in July - September of the current my the export of grain and its products from Ukraine totaled 10.6 million tonnes, almost unchanged compared to the same period last year. In comparison with the previous season, exports of wheat decreased by 9% to 6.1 million tonnes of maize has almost doubled to 1.3 million tonnes, barley – remained unchanged at 3.2 million tons.


the Decrease in yield led to an increase of 1-2 $/MT procurement price for corn, which constitute 149-150 port $/t. Traders do not take into account the trend decline in the price of corn in Chicago on Friday, the December futures fell to 135,92 $/t