MARS experts have raised their forecasts for winter crop yields in the EU countries

2021-05-27 12:07:23
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MARS experts have raised their forecasts for winter crop yields in the EU countries

The European agricultural crop monitoring agency (MARS) in its May report raised its forecasts for winter crop yields in the European Union due to recent precipitation.


Thus, in comparison with April estimates, the forecast yield of soft wheat was increased from 5.81 t/ha to 5.86 t/ha, winter barley – from 5.83 to 5.89 t/ha, rapeseed – from 3.19 to 3.21 t/ha.


Improved yield forecasts for France, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and some countries in southern and Central Europe exceeded lower estimates for Greece and some Nordic countries. 


In recent weeks, much of Europe has seen a sharp drop in temperatures, especially in the northwestern, central, eastern and northern countries of the region. Cold weather delayed the growth and phenological development of winter crops, the development of spring crops, and also caused certain irreversible damage to rapeseed crops that were in the flowering phase, although without significantly affecting the potential yield.


The lack of precipitation that occurred in some areas of the EU almost did not affect the yield potential, since in most regions the soil moisture was within the normal range. Heavy precipitation in other parts of Europe contributes to a good harvest and puts pressure on stock prices.


So, on the Paris Stock Exchange, September wheat futures after reaching the peak of 232 €/t on May 7 have now fallen to 206 €/t or 2 251/T, November corn futures fell from 225 €/t to 197.5 €/t or 2 240/T, and August rapeseed futures after updating the maximum of 555.25 €/t on May 15 have already fallen to 501.5 €/t or $611.3/ton.


As of April 23, EU countries exported 23.7 million tons of soft wheat and 6.94 million tons of barley, compared to 32.06 million tons and 6.96 million tons, respectively, on the same date last year. At the same time, corn imports to Europe as of the specified date decreased from 18.49 million tons to 13.09 million tons compared to the previous season.

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