The Egyptian tender has significantly supported the price of wheat

2018-11-23 12:00:46
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The Egyptian tender has significantly supported the price of wheat

the results of the tender in Egypt yesterday have become the main factor supporting the price of wheat in Paris, and today will lead to growth of quotations in the United States.


the Purchase price has not changed compared to the October auction, but the victory of the two parties of American and one of the party of Romanian wheat, and only one party of Russian grain will give the market a signal about an increase in the competitiveness of U.S. and European wheat on the world market, which was dominated by Russia, which in the new season exported over 20 million tons of wheat.


GASC Yesterday bought:

60 KMT of Romanian wheat from company Cerealcom price 238,36 $/t FOB at a rate of 15.64 ocean freight $/MT = 254 $/ton C&F

60 thousand tons of Russian wheat at Agro Industrial company at a price 233,50 $/t FOB at the rate sea freight 16,80 $/t = 250,30 $/t C&F.

  • 120 tonnes of us soft chervonoarmyska wheat (SRW) from Cargill at a price of net loss of 220.90 $/t FOB at a rate of 32.88 ocean freight $/t = 253,78 $/t C&F


After the victory of the Romanian grain futures on milling wheat in Paris rose 1.5 €/t to 200,75 €/t or 228,96 $/t


Traders also rejoiced the return of French wheat to the Chinese market after a long break.


the Market expects the victory of French wheat at tender in Tunisia, which plans to purchase 117 thousand tons of bread wheat, 42 thousand tons of hard wheat and 75 thousand tons of feed barley for delivery in January-February 2019


Morocco plans to hold a tender for the purchase of 45 thousand tons of hard wheat.


At the next tender Japan has purchased 64 kt blazersite soft, hard winter and spring wheat of the United States, as well as 35,462 thousand MT of canadian spring durum wheat for delivery until February 28, 2019