Egypt changing the rules of inspection of wheat

2016-09-28 12:20:30
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Egypt changing the rules of inspection of wheat

Implementation of its own promises Egypt invites Swiss company SGS SA to join the audit quality of grain imported into the country. According to the Ministry of agriculture of Egypt, such a move will restore confidence of the international grain traders.


Earlier on in the ports of shipment is usually carried out six Egyptian inspectors, of which only two were representatives of the quarantine service of the country. This practice of inspections of wheat imported, use more no country-importer.


Until recently, the Egyptians simultaneously with checks of consignments of imported wheat at ports of shipment carried out additional quality checks at the ports of delivery. It accordingly increased the risks for the sellers of grain. However, after world traders boycotted three consecutive procurement tenders, which are conducted by the Agency GASC, Egypt was forced to abandon not only additional testing, but also to change the requirements with respect to the zero contents of the ergot in the grain.