Egypt bought wheat at a low price due to high competition

2017-03-17 12:05:36
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Egypt bought wheat at a low price due to high competition

Yesterday at the tender, Egypt bought 420 tons of wheat from 15 to 25 April, the number of 300 thousand tons of Russian grain and 60 thousand tons of Ukrainian and French.


the tender was submitted 17 bids for a total volume of 1 million tons that was the highest figure for the current season and increased competition among suppliers. In traditional bidders – Romania, Ukraine, Russia and France, recently began to participate in the auction, joined us traders.


the Lowest price on FOB basis offered by the company Louis Dreyfus for American soft blaserna SWW–wheat – 189,6 $/t and cordonero HRW-wheat – 194,45 $/ton. However, the cost of freight these applications have not received the victory.


Among the winners of the tender, the cheapest was Ukrainian wheat from Louis Dreyfus at 195 $/ton FOB for her Russian wheat from Olam at 195,9 $/t FOB and French at 196,99 $/t FOB.


the price of the quantities of Russian wheat that won the tender, it fell to 195,9-197,8 $/t FOB against 197,8-198,75 $/t FOB on the latest and 196,5-199,3 $/t FOB on the penultimate tenders.