Rains in the US have worsened the quality of corn

2018-11-07 12:06:07
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Rains in the US have worsened the quality of corn

Farmers of North America have reported increased levels of organic toxin (watashino) in a new corn crop that could harm producers that suffer from a trade war between the US and China.


Vatacin infects cattle and is a threat to the health of people and Pets, so buyers can opt-out of such grain. Pigs ready to abandon food than to eat food with taste and odor toxin. Disease development was promoted by rainy weather in autumn and the harvesting time.


Almost 75% of the corn crop in the United States use of local feed manufacturers and ethanol, a by-product of processing which is the bard, which serves as food for animals. To reduce the toxin level in products, manufacturers of feed and ethanol will mix corn with high levels watashino a grain that does not contain a fungus.


the Income of American farmers over the last 5 years has halved. A prolonged trade war with China has reduced demand for soybeans, thanks to intensified export of corn, therefore, problems with the quality now is very untimely.


the world's Largest pork producer WH Group Ltd Smithfield Foods Inc vatacin found in corn in Iowa and Nebraska, where usually no problems with quality. Producers of ethanol in Michigan and Ohio fined farmers who supply the corn with excessive content of toxin. In Canada also found the grain, the infected Vatolina.


In the U.S. content level watashino in products for humans and animals shall not exceed one million shares (ppm). In feed for pigs, he should not be above 5 ppm for dairy animals and poultry is 10 ppm, cattle – 30 ppm.


American feed manufacturer Alltech Inc vatacin found in 80% of tested 45 samples of maize. Continued testing may reveal a greater problem. Most samples have not been tested through the rain slowed down the harvest, that as on Sunday was completed by 76%.

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