The dollar began to appreciate rapidly in the interbank market

2016-11-15 12:15:52
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The dollar began to appreciate rapidly in the interbank market

on Monday at the interbank market has rapidly risen in price dollar. The main reasons cited are:

  • growth in demand due to the negligible level of proposals and excess liquidity in the banking system – on correspondent accounts is more than 41.7 billion UAH,
  • rise in price of cash dollar, which causes warming up of the market,
  • strengthening of the dollar against a basket of world currencies.


At the beginning of the session, the demand considerably exceeded the offer, so the sellers waited for the further growth of the course and were in no hurry to conclude the transaction.


quotes of 25.63/25,67 UAH/$ at the opening at 11:00 rate rose to 25,70/25,74, and at noon surpassed the mark of 25.76/25,83. The interbank market did not come, and limited only to the review of the Director of the Department of public markets, S. Ponomarenko that "the situation is under control and the level of planned inflation will not be exceeded".


Before lunch, the rate reached maximum values 25,82/around 25.87, and remained at this level almost until the end of the auction. During the last hour of trading on insignificant deals, the dollar fell 25.78/25,83. The majority of transactions concluded in the corridor 25,7380-25,7509 UAH/$.


the Threat of the market still account for a collapse in the external world markets, the Euro continues to fall closer to around 1.07 against the dollar. Jumping British pound and Swiss franc give the opportunity for a good speculative earnings.


In the market of cash dollar in recent days, the game is on the rise, which also affect the interbank market. If the population will support the excessive demand for currency and will continue to buy its quotes on the interbank market will grow even more, since a large difference in rates between cash and non-cash dollar provokes speculators.