The dollar on the interbank market will start to grow

2016-11-01 12:27:15
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The dollar on the interbank market will start to grow

the Beginning of the month will increase the demand for foreign currency from the oil and gas traders, which should ensure the supply of fuel for November. Exporters of concluded operations last month, so the torque they need only to payment of wages and implementation of economic fees. Such transactions are carried out in the first week of the month, so need immediate sale of foreign currency.


So today the demand exceeds the volume of proposals that will lead to growth of currency quotations. Large liquidity in the system (and in the morning on correspondent accounts of banks were more than 41 billion UAH) will allow speculators to actively undermine the course. The national Bank enter the market, apparently, will not be because of an excess of currency is not expected. As a result, the exchange rates on the interbank market otkorektirovat in the direction of strengthening the dollar.


In the cash market at 10 am banks and exchange offices did not change yesterday's quotations, but has ceased to reduce the spread between the buying and selling of currency. This suggests that the cash Forex market has not yet decided on the trend of the current month. Now banks has established the following exchange: acceptance of 25.45-25,95 and selling of 25.70 and 26.5 UAH/$ exchange offices and financial companies acceptance 25,95-selling 26,00 26,01-26,18 UAH/$.


the First day of a new month began with a slight increase in the interbank market demand for the currency. This allowed the dollar strengthened from the morning quotations 25 and 51 to 25, and 58-of 25.63 UAH/$.


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