COCERAL predicts an increase in grain production in the EU

2019-03-27 12:06:47
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COCERAL predicts an increase in grain production in the EU

According to the forecast of experts of the European Association agrotrader (COCERAL), in 2019, the EU countries will gather 139,822 million tonnes of soft wheat, which is 9.7% higher than the figure recorded the year 2018. Production growth due to the expansion of acreage by 3.4% and increased yield by 5.9% to 5.87 t/ha.


in Particular, France will increase the production of wheat by 7.9% to at 36.86 million tons, Germany – 18.1% to 23,638 million tons.


the production of durum wheat in EU countries will decrease by 6.2 per cent to 8,093 million tons due to reduced acreage by 6.3%.


the Total barley harvest in the EU could grow by 5.9% to 59,423 million tons, the Sown area under winter barley will increase by only 0.2%, but its yield will increase by 5.7% to 4.78 t/ha. France will increase barley production by 5.2% to 11,765 million tonnes, Germany – 22% to 11,982 million tons.


However, the production of spring barley may be reduced by 1.2% to 28,995 million tonnes, primarily due to the reduction in acreage of 5.2%.


the Gross harvest of corn in the EU will rise by 1.2% to 60,999 million tonnes Increase in acreage by 2.1% to compensate the reduction of yield by 1% to 7.15 t/ha.