Will the increase in the price of sunflower amounts of acreage?

2017-04-07 12:26:05
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Will the increase in the price of sunflower amounts of acreage?

In the April survey "Ukraine: Oilseeds and Products Annual," USDA experts predict that in the new season harvest of sunflower will be reduced relative to the current 20% to 11.2 million tonnes. Acreage will decline from 6.3 million hectares to 5.1-5.2 million hectares, which would correspond to the level of season 2015/16.


the Ministry of agrarian policy predicts that the sunflowers will be planted 5.4 million hectares, but experts call the figures from 5.5 to 6.3 million hectares.


over the past five years under sunflower in Ukraine was given quite a stable amount of acreage to 5.0-5.3 million ha. Minor fluctuations were caused by the necessary savoisienne. However, under the crop of 2016 sunflower sowed 6.3 million hectares, which helped to collect a record of 14.0-14.1 million tons of seeds.


the Volume of processing capacity has increased to 18.5 million tons, which will greatly enhance competition in the next season and will keep procurement prices at a high level.


Using the demand of farmers for working capital during the spring field works, processors for another 100-150 UAH/t increased the purchasing prices for sunflower seeds and offer today:


  • EXW-Elevator 10700-10800 UAH/ton,
  • CPT-plant 10900-11250 UAH/ton,
  • FOB Black sea ports 385-390 $/ton.