Auction for the sale of government bonds supported the hryvnia on the interbank market

2020-08-05 12:02:47
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Auction for the sale of government bonds supported the hryvnia on the interbank market

on Monday, the hryvnia on the interbank market depreciated by 12 kopecks from 27.71/accounting period by 27.74 UAH/$ to 27.84/27,86 UAH/$ on the back of speculative demand and curbing the sales of foreign currency by exporters.


yesterday, the hryvnia has played 9 COP and strengthened to 27,76/27,79 UAH/$, primarily due to the location of the next party of government bonds in national currency, which bought the non-resident, which are sold for this currency, the offer of which exceeded the demand. National Bank during the two sessions did not participate in the auction, allowing the market to determine the exchange rate.


Active borrowing in the near future will be the main factor to maintain the exchange rate at the level of 28 UAH/$.


At auction, the Finance Ministry attracted to the budget 10,249 billion UAH (which is 444 million UAH less than at the previous auction last week), enabling hryvnia bonds:


with maturity 21.07.2021 under 9.20% APR in the amount of 3,023 billion UAH,

with maturity 23.02.2022 under 10.25% per annum in the amount of 5,308 billion.

  • with maturity under 24.02.2021 of 7.74% per annum on the amount 1,917 billion UAH,


According to the Ministry of Finance in June, public and publicly guaranteed debt of Ukraine increased by UAH equivalent to 2.7% or UAH 59.7 billion in dollar-denominated – 3.5% - or 2.89 billion $ to 2269,17 billion, or 85,01 billion $. In may, the national debt rose in local currency only 0.59%, as the government after leaving the quarantine could increase borrowing to cover the budget deficit. Budget revenues are gradually increasing, but inferior to last year.


In July revenues to the General Fund of the state budget amounted to 58 billion or 111,6% of the target of 51.95 billion UAH, however, they are 10.1 billion inferior to the receipt of July 2019


the Cause of the over-fulfillment of plans was a sharp decline in plans for the receipt after the approved in April amendments to the law on the state budget, according to which:


budget Deficit increased to 3 times with 96,27 to 298,4 billion.

  • State income in 2020 will decrease by 119,74 billion, amounting to 11% of revenues, which were previously planned to receive in taxes and profits of state-owned companies.

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