Due to frost in the US, increasing the price of wheat

2018-01-03 12:16:11
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Due to frost in the US, increasing the price of wheat

In the United States in the regions of cultivation of winter wheat was established frosty weather with temperatures up to -15...-20 degrees Celsius and strong winds, which can damage uneven snow-covered crops.


In Kansas, the winter shoots are in a weak condition through the autumn drought, so in the absence of sufficient snow layer is likely to suffer. In North and South Dakota, frost reached 30 degrees, but a thick layer of snow had to protect the plants.


At the first auction of the new year, wheat futures rose on all American stock exchanges. In Kansas city HRW wheat increased by 1.8% in Chicago, 1.7%, and spring wheat in Minneapolis fell by 0.5%.


According to the USDA last week's exports of wheat decreased compared to the corresponding period in 2016 32% 274.5 thousand tons the Total export of wheat from 1 June to 1 million tonnes lower than in the previous season.


yesterday the European Commission has reduced the forecast of wheat exports in 2017/18 MG from 27 to 26 million tonnes, but reduced the estimate of production in the past year by 500 thousand tons.


due to the reduction of forecasts on the background of strengthening of the Euro to the level of 1,205 €/$ berezni wheat futures in Paris fell 0.3 percent to a new low of 158.5 €/t

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