Because of the shortage of supply, corn prices in Ukraine are growing, despite the decline in world prices

2020-05-20 12:05:26
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Because of the shortage of supply, corn prices in Ukraine are growing, despite the decline in world prices

Despite the fall in world corn prices under pressure from forecasts of significant proposals in the new season, in Ukraine, they are growing due to containment of sales manufacturers, causing traders to execute contracts may have to raise procurement prices.


Separate traders for the fast delivery of corn to the port in may offer 168-170 $/t or 5400-5430 UAH/t, while others buy corn in may-June at a price 163-164 $/t or 5250-5300 UAH/t. Now the price of corn in the port equal to the prices at which you can sell corn on the world market with the loading on the ship, usually, though, the cost of transshipment at the port is $10/t


In the world market prices of demand for Ukrainian corn for delivery in may-June amount of $170/MT FOB, while offering it at 177 to 178 $/t FOB. Brazilian and American corn offer to supply in July-August at a price of 155 $/MT FOB.


For the week, the Ukraine reduced export of maize by 41% to 438 thousand tonnes, and since the beginning of the season sold 27,489 million tonnes projected by USDA in may, 32 million tons last year during this period, exports amounted to 29.8 million tons.


Who Ukraine will be able to sell another 4 million tons of corn is unknown as the main customer – the EU reduces import against the background of increasing exports. In comparison with the same period in 2018/19 Mr this season, the EU imports of maize decreased by 15% to 18,114 million tonnes, while exports increased by 100% to 4,606 million tons.


the Corn was sown on 5 million hectares of the planned 5.4 million ha. Due to the recent precipitation, the stairs are in great condition, but next week the rains will improve prospects for the next harvest.


the World price for corn now is supported by two factors:the rumors about the beginning of Chinese buying of corn from the United States and caused by dry weather, poor crops of corn second crop in Brazil, for which experts AgRural has reduced the crop forecast by 2.3 million tonnes to 97.7 million tonnes, But the market data crush about the record pace of planting and good weather in the corn belt of the United States.


the July corn futures on the stock exchange in the US traded 125,7 $/t in December – on 131,4 $/t


As of may 17, corn in the United States planted 80% compared to 44% last year and 71% on average for 5 years. Recent precipitation and forecast rainfall for next week improve the prospects of the harvest.


the Demand for corn from the new harvest in the Asian market is minimal, and the price of demand for shipments in the October-November do not exceed 176 to 178 $/t CFR.

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