More than half of winter crops in Ukraine were sown later than the optimum time

2017-10-31 12:16:45
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More than half of winter crops in Ukraine were sown later than the optimum time

As of October 27, Ukrainian farmers by 93% fulfilled the plan of sowing of winter crops for harvest in 2018, planted 6,718 million hectares.


in Particular, on the specified date planted following winter crops

barley – 764 thousand hectares (83%),

the rye – 144 thousand hectares (89%).

  • wheat of 5.81 million hectares (94% of the forecast),

in addition, 847 thousand hectares sown with winter rape (109%).


Agro-meteorological conditions of the third decade of October in most regions of the country contributed to sowing winter crops. The moisture level of the soil is sufficient or optimal, and temperature is almost optimal for the growth and development of plants.


Warm weather intensified the germination of seeds, formation of seedling, vegetation and the beginning of tillering. Given that more than half the area was planted after the optimum sowing time of winter crops, such weather conditions were extremely favorable for the next harvest. As of October 25, the development phase of plants about 1.5-3 weeks behind average maturity.


the development of the winter wheat crops that were sown after separovich predecessors slower than plants sown on the black pair. Wheat early sowing (September 5) has a height of 14-16 cm and 2-3 sprouts. Plants dotted on September 25, have 3 leaves and a height of 12-14 cm, and seeded 2 October - 2 piece and the height 10-12 cm Winter wheat, sown on 10 October, is in the phase of full shoots and has a height of 3-4 cm.


According to USDA in the United States winter wheat planted 84% of the planned areas compared to 85% last year and 87% the average for the 5 years. Shoots were obtained on 65% of crop (compared to 69% a year ago and 68% on average for 5 years). Nearly 52% of crops are in good or excellent condition (compared to 58% in 2016).


In Russia winter crops planted 16.7 million ha, or 95.7 percent of the projected area against 16.9 million hectares on the same date in 2016.