Asian countries will greatly reduce the consumption of corn due to ASF

2019-03-12 12:06:53
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Asian countries will greatly reduce the consumption of corn due to ASF

In the Autonomous region of Guangxi in southern China a new outbreak of African swine fever, which killed 20 animals. General livestock farm is 3172 pigs, - have informed in the government of the country.


August 2018 Achs began to spread across China in 28 provinces and regions of the country was recorded 111 fires. In 2019, the cases recorded in the Vietnamese provinces bordering China.


According to recent reports, is located around Hanoi ten Northern provinces, it killed 6.5 million pigs. Another 4 provinces are defined as regions with a high probability of new outbreaks.


the Demand for corn in Vietnam began to decline from mid-February, when there was a new outbreak. As a consequence, the demand price of corn has dropped by 15 $/t


In Chicago may corn futures yesterday fell to of 142.67 $/ton decline in weekly exports of corn from the United States to 765 thousand tonnes, which is much less than expert expectations. This season, the United States exported 26.5 million tons of corn compared to 20.3 million tons on that date last year. In the March report, the experts, the USDA estimated corn exports from the U.S. to 2018/19 MG at the level of 60.2 million tons.


the Decline in demand from Asian countries on the background of increased competition between the Argentinian and Ukrainian corn is forcing traders to lower prices to enhance sales.