Strong demand supports prices for sunflower

2017-02-13 12:28:12
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Strong demand supports prices for sunflower

Active export of oil and record exports of sunflower were the main factors increasing competition among producers and rising prices for sunflower oil.


in General, for 2016 were exported 196,5 thousand tons of sunflower seeds. However, the increase in the processors ' purchase prices exports declined from 80,474 thousand tons in November 2016 to at 28, 683 thousand tons in December and only up to 3,914 thousand tons in January 2017.


In the domestic market of Ukraine sunflower prices continue to rise and currently are:

  • inland elevators 10900-11100 UAH/ton,
  • on the basis of the CPT-plant 11200-11500 UAH/ton.


the Currency the price of sunflower remains at 390-405 $/ton on FOB basis.

The price of sunflower oil on FOB basis remains at the level 765-770 $/t, but it can rise due to the increase on the Chicago exchange prices for soybeans and soybean oil.


Recall that in January 2017 Ukraine sold on world markets 465,1 thousand tons of sunflower oil cost 354,71 million dollars.