Active demand supported the stock price of the wheat

2019-08-28 12:04:19
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Active demand supported the stock price of the wheat

Despite the fall in the markets of soybeans and corn, the stock price of American wheat rose due to speculative demand, and European – on the background of increased exports.


Within weeks, the U.S. has reduced exports of wheat by 12.7% to 493 thousand tonnes, which is a fairly high level. The EU for two weeks exported 578 tonnes of wheat, and from the beginning of the season – 2.8 million tons, which is 6% ahead of the pace last year.


Ukraine for the week increased its exports by 7% to 1.16 million tonnes, the second time in a month exceeded 1 million tons for the week. Russia reduced its exports by 16.6% to 813 thousand tonnes


Low bid prices of Ukrainian wheat on the background of high quality interested buyers, which allows to intensify the export.


the bid Prices for Russian wheat with protein 12,5% for the week fell to 190-191 $/MT FOB, while Ukrainian wheat with protein 11.5% of the offer 185-186 $/t FOB with delivery in September, and a protein of 12.5% for 188 $/t FOB.


Prices for U.S. wheat yesterday was growing on speculative purchases caused by the data on deterioration of the spring wheat and collecting only 38% of spring wheat crops in comparison with 66% on average for 5 years.


the September wheat futures in the U.S.:

1.38 $/t to 144,31 $/t for solid winter HRW-wheat in Kansas city

0.55 $/t to 181,60 $/t on a firm spring HRS wheat in Minneapolis.

  • 0.28 $/t to 174,07 $/t for SRW soft winter-wheat in Chicago


After the first victory by French wheat in an Egyptian tender in the new seasonBeresnev futures for milling wheat on MATIF rose by 0.75 €/t to 167 €/t or 185,12 $/t

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