Active export support corn prices in Ukraine

2017-12-28 11:36:47
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Active export support corn prices in Ukraine

Despite the slow pace of exports last week, corn futures in Chicago rose slightly.


According to the USDA Export Inspections, during the week, corn exports decreased compared to the previous week at 4.33% to 609,281 thousand tons, which is by 37.95% lower than in the same weeks last year.


since the beginning of the season exported 9.842 inch million tons of corn, which is 40,03% less than in 2016/17 MG.


Improved weather conditions promotes the planting season in Argentina and reduces the risks of crop failure of maize in South America, which strengthens the trend to slowdown of exports and prices for corn.


In Ukraine on the eve of the long weekend, when falling sales volumes, rising demand for corn as traders need to form export consignments for January.


the Pace of exports grow in the past week (18-22 December), the region exported 430 thsd tonnes of maize.


Due to the devaluation of the hryvnia, the price of maize increased by 100-150 UAH/t and be at the port 4900-4950 UAH/t at the exchange price 150-151 $/t for deliveries in December and 152 $/t for deliveries in January.

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