Agrometeorological conditions in Ukraine do not contribute to the development of crops

2018-05-08 12:14:52
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Agrometeorological conditions in Ukraine do not contribute to the development of crops

Since the end of April in Ukraine was established for this unusual period of hot weather with temperatures of 9.9-20 degrees, which is 3.5-10 degrees above normal. Precipitation, sometimes in the form of showers, held in Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad regions, but their number was insufficient – 1 to 18 mm. In the South, West and North of the country precipitation was not.


the Stocks of productive moisture in late April in most regions was at a satisfactory level 19 to 56 mm in the South – poor in the range of 7-16 mm. In the first meter of soil moisture reserves were mostly satisfactory level 169-273 mm, however, the South is unsatisfactory, 63-83 mm.


Agrometeorological conditions in the last week was unfavorable for the development of crops. Shoots of winter wheat are in the phase of stooling (VI the stage of organogenesis). Plants of spring wheat are II the stage of organogenesis, have a height of 21-25 cm and a well-formed three letters. Peas threw out the 3rd sheet, and the early crops of sunflowers appeared shoots.


currently, in most regions of the country the crops are in good and satisfactory condition, especially if sowing was carried out at the optimum time for the fertilized predecessors.


As of may 7, early spring grain crops and leguminous 2.2 million hectares or 92% of the forecast, in particular:

peas 408 thousand hectares (96%),

oats 181 thousand hectares (89%),

wheat 158 thousand hectares (90%),

corn, 3.3 million ha (72%).

  • barley 1.5 million hectares (92%),


in addition, on a specified date planted

millet 14 thousand hectares (25%),

sunflower 4.4 million ha (79%),

soy 869 thousand hectares (45%),

sugar beet 271 thousand hectares (90%).

  • buckwheat 20 thousand hectares (13%),