Farmers simplified the registration of tax invoices

2017-10-09 12:28:00
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Farmers simplified the registration of tax invoices

According to the Ministry of Finance, entered into force order No. 776 from 18.09.17 that is supposed to simplify individual taxpayers who are owners or lessees of land, registration of tax bills.


Earlier, the Ministry reported on the development of the draft order, which was supposed to release taxpayers owning more than 0.01 hectares of land or tenants of land, from monitoring potential risks at the time of registration of documents.


In some cases, the system for automated monitoring to work out the routing of taxpayers who belong to APC, without the intervention of DFS. In particular, this will affect recipients of subsidies from the budget and taxpayers, who as 31.12.16 were on special regime of VAT taxation.


based On new principles will be considered documents of the enterprises - owners or tenants of land with an area of not less than 200 hectares, which 01.01.2017 did not change the founder and leader.


Recall that in accordance with the adopted in the end of 2016, changes to the Tax code, with 01.07.2017 beginning to work a system of automatic registration of tax invoices in the URTI.


In this case, DFS has the right to refuse registration in the case of risks of fictitiousness. According to DFS, the number of temporarily blocked invoices decreased from 1.1% as at the beginning of July to 0.5% as at 01.09.17, or 201 thousand pieces.

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