Farmers complete sowing of maize

2016-05-17 12:43:39
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Farmers complete sowing of maize

the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine informs that on 16.05.2016 city in the country sowed spring grains and leguminous cultures, including corn, 6.7 million hectares. This represents 91% of the forecast, whereas last year the figure was 6.4 million hectares.


So, on the area of 2.4 million hectares have already completed sowing of early grain, of which:

  • barley – 1.8 mln ha
  • pea – 226 thousand hectares,
  • oats – 212 thousand hectares
  • wheat - 165 thousand ha.


Sugar beet sown 284 thousand hectares against last year's 238 thousand ha.


while Other crops planted:

  • sorghum 30 thousand hectares or 37 %,
  • corn 4.0 million hectares or 89 % of the target,
  • buckwheat 82 thousand hectares or 64 % of the forecast,
  • millet 53 hectares, or 44 %,
  • rice 10 thousand ha or 83 %.


Oilseed crops were planted:

  • sunflower 4.6 million hectares or 88 % of the target,
  • soy 1.6 million ha or 76 % of the plan.


For the record: it is expected that the total sown area under agricultural crops of the crop of 2016 in all categories of farms will be 26.5 million hectares, which would correspond to the level of last year.


According to the forecast of the analytical Agency Informa Economics, this year American farmers will sow corn 93.4 million acres, 5.4 million acres will exceed the acreage of last year. Claspbracelet USA predicts that this figure will be even greater and will reach 93.6 million acres.

Wheat, according to analysts Informa Economics, will be planted 50 million acres, while last year this culture occupied 54.7 million acres.