Grand invest limited, LLC

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Grand invest limited, LLC
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Elevator , OOO «Grand invest limited” located at  vul. Weaver 1, village.Golob, Kovel district, Volyn oblast.

During the whole period of its activity, the Society has established itself as a reliable partner for receiving, bringing to the quality standards, storage and shipment of grain. Having a train under the’access roads and proximity to the border crossings of Ukraine with Poland and Belarus ensures smooth shipment of products for export.

Working with contractors of all forms of ownership and individuals.

the Capacity of simultaneous storage of grain at the Elevator is 23 thousand tons.

Power cleaning of 1200 ton/day drying – 200 tons of grain per day.

Electronic truck scales allow you to weigh up the car a total weight of 80T and a length of 15 meters. Also  the Elevator has its own train weight - 180 tons .

the Company has a complex discharge with a platform for turning cars. Capacity: 1200 tons/day,  shipment of vehicles – 15 cars/day.  Shipment on railway transport up to 10 cars/ day available  2 point loading on railway transport.

the Company has a certificate of conformity services for the storage of grain and products of its processing. A modern certified production technology laboratory conducts all types of studies of grain and products of its processing. Profile of culture, which operates the Elevator: wheat, rye, triticale barley, corn, soya, sunflower, rape.

the Elevator issues a warehouse receipt, warehouse certificates and double warehouse certificate is a confirmation of the quality and quantity of accepted goods.

the Company is constantly buys grain oilseeds for its own processing. The enterprise has a workshop for processing oilseeds – sunflower, canola, flax, soybeans.

Implement the cake and  pressing oil.


Contacts of the company:

Managers: +380673320392; +380668467466

Accounting: +380632204924




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21.05.2024 00:28Dragon Groupbuy
Soybeen oil
1000750 USDFCAВінниця, Kyiv District, Kyiv Region.kuplyu-soeva-oliya-grupa-drakon-id269479
21.05.2024 00:28Dragon Groupbuy
Sunflower- oil
500760 USDFCAВінниця, Kyiv District, Kyiv Region.kuplyu-oliya-sonyashnikova-grupa-drakon-id269480
20.05.2024 23:06Dragon Groupbuy
Sunflower seed meal
1000170 USDFCAДніпропетровськ, Kirovske District, The Autonomous Republic of Cri Region.kuplyu-shrot-sonyashnikovij--grupa-drakon-id267469
20.05.2024 20:09AGS GRAINbuy
Wheat grade IV
2000185 USDCPTTIS-MINUDOBRENIYA LLCkuplyu-pshenitcya-4-klas-ags-grain-id269548
20.05.2024 20:09AGS GRAINbuy
2000185 USDCPTTIS-MINUDOBRENIYA LLCkuplyu-kukurudza-ags-grain-id269547
20.05.2024 20:09AGS GRAINbuy
3000195 USDCPTReni terminalkuplyu-kukurudza-ags-grain-id269546
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