Branch "Intraeconomic complex for the production of feed" LTD. "Vinnytsia poultry"

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THE COMPANY, PART OF THE LTD. "VINNYTSIA POULTRY", BUILT WITH THE GOAL OF PROVIDING ZONES OF GROWING YOUR OWN POULTRY FEED. It is composed of feed-milling and oil pressing factories, silos for storing corn and sunflower, as well as power plant, boiler house, station steaming tank cars (for oil) and storage tanks for oil. On the premises is built new roads and about 8 km of railway sidings. The enterprise is certificated on system ISO 9001:2008 – CH12/2252 (quality Certificate) and ISO 22000:2005 – CH12/2253 (Certificate security). Capacity: the total storage capacity of the plant is 400 thousand m3. In 2012 the company produced about 19 thousand tons of feed and 10.5 thousand tons of oil. Feed mill: in 2012, we commissioned a first feed production with a capacity of 90 t/h. (the second phase will be introduced in 2014). The oil pressing plant: in 2012, placed in operation primarily for the production of oil by 500 thousand tons (the second phase will be introduced in 2013, third in 2014). Power storage: corn – 200 thousand m3 (or about 145 thousand tons); sunflower – 200 thousand m3(or about 85 thousand tons). Three tanks for storage of oil in 3 thousand cubic meters each (together – 9 thousand m3). Feed mill plant equipped with the latest technology from European manufacturers – leaders in their field: Schmidt-Seeger, Andritz, Schule, Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH, Alfa Laval AB, Geelen Counterflow, Khorolskiy Mechanical. Director – Vyacheslav V. Concur. A staff of about 420 employees.
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20.07.2024 07:49Valadusbuy
Wheat grade IV
5000170 USDDAFMostyska, a Ukraine-Poland borderkuplyu-pshenitca-4-klass-valadus-id271504
20.07.2024 07:48Valadusbuy
Wheat grade III
2000195 USDCIFGdansk, Polandkuplyu-pshenitca-3-klass-valadus-id271503
20.07.2024 07:46Valadusbuy
2000165 USDDAFMostyska, a Ukraine-Poland borderkuplyu-kukuruza-valadus-id271502
19.07.2024 23:31Nova Terra S.R.Obuy
Sunflower oil
500820 USDFCAОдеса, Odesa District, Odesa Region.kuplyu-oliya-sonyashnikova-nova-terra-sro-id271501
19.07.2024 23:17Valadusbuy
Wheat grade IV
2000180 USDDAFMostyska, a Ukraine-Poland borderkuplyu-pshenitcya-4-klas-valadus-id271500
19.07.2024 23:17Valadusbuy
2000160 USDDAFMostyska, a Ukraine-Poland borderkuplyu-kukurudza-valadus-id271499
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