PJSC "SFGCU" PJSC (branch "Bogdanowski CCP)

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Branch "Bogdanowski Kombinat KHLEBOPRODUKTOV" is one of the most powerful companies for storage tanks, dryers, rail and unloading capacities in Khmelnytsky oblast that specializes in the receiving, storing, drying, cleaning, shipped grain and processing it into flour. The total service grain capacity of the Elevator of the branch is 90 thousand tons. The main storing cultures are wheat, maize, barley, rapeseed, sunflower, soy. The processing capacity of montevado branch, commissioned in 1978, amount to 27 thousand tons of flour per year, daily output is 120 tons. Capacity of the branch for receiving/shipping of grain: acceptance from rail transport – 1000 ton/day; acceptance from road – 1,600 tonnes/day; shipment on railway transport – 1000 ton/day; shipment onto trucks – 500 tons/day.
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21.05.2024 00:28Dragon Groupbuy
Soybeen oil
1000750 USDFCAВінниця, Kyiv District, Kyiv Region.kuplyu-soeva-oliya-grupa-drakon-id269479
21.05.2024 00:28Dragon Groupbuy
Sunflower- oil
500760 USDFCAВінниця, Kyiv District, Kyiv Region.kuplyu-oliya-sonyashnikova-grupa-drakon-id269480
20.05.2024 23:06Dragon Groupbuy
Sunflower seed meal
1000170 USDFCAДніпропетровськ, Kirovske District, The Autonomous Republic of Cri Region.kuplyu-shrot-sonyashnikovij--grupa-drakon-id267469
20.05.2024 20:09AGS GRAINbuy
Wheat grade IV
2000185 USDCPTTIS-MINUDOBRENIYA LLCkuplyu-pshenitcya-4-klas-ags-grain-id269548
20.05.2024 20:09AGS GRAINbuy
2000185 USDCPTTIS-MINUDOBRENIYA LLCkuplyu-kukurudza-ags-grain-id269547
20.05.2024 20:09AGS GRAINbuy
3000195 USDCPTReni terminalkuplyu-kukurudza-ags-grain-id269546
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